Thursday, November 13, 2014

Adventures in Hand Quilting

When I was pregnant with Clara my Grandma (her "Grandma Great") made Clara the most beautiful hand stitched quilt that she HAS to sleep with every night and nap time. Well, let me back up. When all of us kids were babies my Grandma made us beautiful quilts that we slept with until we got married or they were literally in shreds...or both. For this new baby I really wanted another quilt because there is just something so special and sweet about a handmade item from someone you love. I'm not lying when I say that sometimes I still get out the shreds of my baby quilt just to smell them because it's home and love and Grandma. I get all teary even thinking about it. Anyway, so I begged my Grandma to let me come up to her house for days at a time to teach me to hand quilt. It was so fun and they are memories I'll cherish forever. It's not a perfect quilt, but there was a lot of love and blood (seriously, my fingers are so hardcore now) that went into it and I hope this sweet babe cherishes it just as much I did mine and her sister does hers! I love you Grandma! Thanks for all the tomato sandwiches and diet cokes and time spent teaching me! I had so much fun gossiping over the quilting frame with you :)

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