Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween 2014

Let me just start by saying this Halloween exceeded all of my wildest expectations! You really just can't beat holidays with kids. Halloween is really one of my favorite holidays but this year has been kind of crazy with the move and being huge and pregnant and everything. I didn't feel completely prepared for it! I was feeling bad about my lack of motivation to costume the bump (why are all pregnancy costume ideas so weird?) and we didn't even carve pumpkins! For shame! Mostly, I didn't know if Clara would really grasp the whole idea of trick or treating and wondered if she'd 1. be freaked out going up to strangers' doors or 2. get too excited about the first bit of candy and stop right there to eat it all on the sidewalk. Both options seemed highly likely. Also, would she wear the ridiculous lion costume I got off amazon like the week before? It was all up in the air. She has strong opinions about things. Luckily her opinion about chocolate won out because she FULLY embraced the holiday. Like, cutest thing ever, knock my socks off, this is why I became a parent, can we do this every week? kind of thing. We went trick or treating with our friend and fellow (almost) two year old Penelope and holy cow I think all four parents were smiling and laughing the entire time. SOO cute. I think my favorite part was when a kind lady opened the door and Clara proceeded to walk straight into her house and help herself to the candy bowl in the entryway. It was hilarious. Her little voice saying "twick o tweat" and "tank you" at each door and "huwwy huwwy next house" running along the sidewalk would be high on the list too. Ah I just love being this little nugget's mom.

Now first, for some photos of the little lion in her natural habitat. Sitting on pumpkins, smelling roses and picking flowers, you know. Then on for a few poorly lit trick or treating documentation for posterity's sake. I hope you and yours enjoyed the holiday as much as we did!

^^this photo is FOR SURE going in her future wedding slideshow^^
I know, I'm such a good mom.

^^lion hugs^^

^^lion kisses^^


  1. She's perfect in every way Jess. Wish I could see her in all her lion cuteness. And you are looking so great!! Love you.

  2. We were totally last minute on Halloween this year too! AKA I was putting costumes together just hours before the big night. It's true though ... kids just make holidays magical! So much more fun watching them then experiencing it yourself.


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