Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Birthday Shenanigans

I decided not to do a birthday party for Clara this year, last year's was big enough to last us through a few years, I think! This year I wanted to make it all about Clara so I picked some roses from the garden and set the table for just a few family members. We had strawberry cake "and some chocatte!", we opened a few presents. She was ecstatic. Just like Halloween, she surprised me and fully embraced her birthday! She sang Happy Birthday to herself all day and relished in all the birthday gifts. The only thing she didn't quite grasp were the birthday candles, which, to be honest was probably my fault. Sparkler candles don't seem to jive with the fire safety we've been trying to teach her! Ha! 

Happy Birthday Clara Rose, we love you so so much!!

MVI 7359 from Love Jess on Vimeo.


  1. Her reaction to the sparklers is priceless! And I love spotting your flea market finds on the table--they look great!


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