Monday, November 17, 2014

Zoo Day

Well if going to the zoo in the Spring didn't completely convince me this trip surely did! Year passes for us come January! Please and thank you. We invited my Dad and Brooke to come along with us since they're roughing it on their own with my mom out of town. Clara went totally nuts for all the animals this time, she kept grabbing Papa's hand and yelling "see more! see more!". She was loving it. I think her favorites were the giraffes and the sting rays (not pictured) she's been talking about feeding the "big fish" non-stop! It was kind of nice to have a 4/1 adult to child ratio- Steve and I just kind of got to hold hands and take pictures of all the merriment. Not complaining. Two is officially the most magical age!

^^she wanted to hold Brookie's hand too so she just tucked her kitty under her chin, naturally.^^


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