Wednesday, December 31, 2014

39 weeks pregnant

We are officially 39 weeks over here!! If I were to have this baby the same time I had Clara it would be tomorrow morning...I'd be in active labor right now! woo hoo! I've started to feel sporadic contractions but nothing too serious, although the pelvic pressure is crazy strong. I don't remember that with Clara- is that a second time pregnancy thing? Last night was the first night in several months that I woke up more than once so I'm counting my blessings there! The baby is officially the size of a small pumpkin which is just kind of crazy. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I've progressed to a 3 and he'd take me in to be induced if I wanted, I wasn't expecting that! I opted out- hoping to take the more natural way of things but I will tell you it was tempting! I really want my doctor to deliver me- he has excellent bedside manner unlike the doctor who delivered Clara (although it's really your nurse who counts there and ours was fabulous!)- and it would be really nice to take a shower and make sure everything was clean and put together before we left! It's no joke trying to keep a house constantly spotless with a two year old running around! Not to mention the watermelon sized protrusion off my body that prevents bending over and all other sorts of motion essential to get a good deep clean. Oh well. We'll see what I say by Saturday :) We're so excited to meet this baby girl and every night I go to sleep wondering will tonight be the night?? Will today be the day?? Wish us luck in the home stretch! Happiest of New Years to you and you and you.


  1. You are such a pregnant model!!!!! Can't wait to see the newest doll!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Sending love & prayers to all 4 Marcums & Watson-can't wait to see that little face!


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