Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My favorite girl

I really do believe a sibling, especially a sister, is the best gift I could give to Clara. But the reality that our "us" time is going to diminish significantly in the coming month is really setting in! I'm finding myself both excited, nostalgic and kind of sad. No longer will I be able to in full truth call her my "favorite girl"! I know my heart will expand and I'll be able to love this new little baby-in maybe not the same ways- but in equal amounts. But these two years have really been special with just the two of us. As the nostalgia has crept in I've found myself putting down the to do list more often just to step into her room and watch her play and read her books. Letting her drag me around by the finger to wherever her imagination will take us. I know I won't be able to do this as often and I already miss it. Clara, you taught me to be a mom, you were my little partner in crime and I'll always treasure our moments of just you and me. I love you sweet girl, and, at least for the next couple weeks, you're my favorite girl.


  1. That third photo down-- frame it! Sooo cute! I call Tatum "my best girl" and I'm sad I'll have to stop!!


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