Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tales of Christmas Card photos past.

I was sitting down and thinking about Christmas cards, you know. and I couldn't recall in my mind's eye all of the ones we've used in the past! For shame. So naturally, I freaked out and had to go through the old archives to make sure I could still figure it all out. Luckily I could and here we are! I thought I'd share for documentation's sake. Merriest of Christmas seasons to you.

2009 we were on our HONEYMOON in Lanai!!!!

Blurry photo taken by my sister outside our teeny tiny house in Provo!

taken in front of the big white barn in Park City. Tay's photo taking skills improved significantly ;-)

taken in front of our Christmas tree in our little townhouse in Waltham Mass. Clara was barely a month old!! Self Timer for the win! I was not about to take her out in the 15 degree weather, I remember that much.

taken on the road from the Christmas tree farm in Weston Mass. Probably my biggest self-timer success...but I think there were only like 2 out of 200 where everyone was still and looking at the camera! Thank you Watson. 

2014..... you'll just have to wait and see!


  1. In my defense, that was the ONLY picture that was blurry out of the bunch! He just spontaneously picked you up and it ended up being your favorite!

    But I love all of these. Can I take pictures of your family of 4 soon?

  2. aw it's so fun to see your xmas card memories go from honeymoon to growing family!!


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