Friday, January 09, 2015

40 weeks + 2 days

After a disappointing doctor's visit in which I found that I am still dilated to a three (three weeks running) despite a full week of contractions I walked into the grocery store last night to pick up a couple last minute dinner ingredients with... maybe not a scowl, but a grimace. As I was waddling through a contraction down the condiment aisle in search of green wax peppers a middle aged woman stopped me with a smile and said "you may not feel it, but you look so cute". I could have kissed her. I was fully expecting a "twins???" comment or something of the sort. Thank you sweet stranger, I needed that! 

So it's two days past d day and I'm....

craving some kind of treat every night. This could be leftover sugar comma behavior from Christmas or self medicating the fact that I don't have a baby in my arms yet... but whatever it is- it's real. I want all the ice cream and caramel.

binge reading Outlander...jury is still out on how I feel about it.

so uncomfortable and tired. Contractions for a week- I'm sore.

also willing to try anything to get this labor to progress! Any suggestions? I've done the two hour power walks and Steve's been looking up labor inducing pressure points like it's his job. I've drawn the line at castor oil but...ask me how I feel about it on Monday.

doing weird things like scrubbing all my grout with comet and a toothbrush for hours on end. #nesting

feeling like I'm going to be pregnant forever. Like, my belly is probably just going to stay hard as concrete and I'll never be able to wear high wasted jeans or bend over again. Things are getting seriously irrational over here.

Here's to praying baby girl decides to make her grand entrance this weekend! This momma is about at her wits end.


  1. Colby came 6 days late, so I totally feel ya sister. I went in to be induced the next morning and started labor on my own that night, so when it happens it'll happen. Not what you want to hear I'm sure. Maybe try lots of mexican food, jumping on a trampoline and walking on the curb? Good luck and hope she comes soon soon soon!

  2. Oh man I feel for you!! I was in labor for 5 days with my second child with full on contractions and no progress as far as dilation. I sat on a birthing ball a lot and had a breakdown when the midwife told me the baby was still really high. I wish I had gone with the contractions instead of trying to fight against the pain with each one and I may have progressed faster. Good luck! You will have a baby in your arms in no time! Also I literally think Clara is the cutest little girl ever :)

  3. When the days seemed like they'd never end I had this thought of calm and reassurance that made me smile, the thought was "maybe she's just getting her last hugs in before she leaves heaven, or maybe there's a boy that she doesn't want to say bye to yet, or that she was busy hanging out with her siblings and didn't quite want to come to this crazy earth yet." It made me feel that much closer to heaven and somehow gave me a reassurance that she'd come when she was ready. Went in to be induced and was in labor on my own with little miss melanie (kiddo #2). You got this! You do look so cute pregnant! :)

  4. Alright-- I'm going to be brutally honest here. Sex. I know you've probably heard it before, but for real! Even though it's the LAST thing on earth that seems comfortable right now, I truthfully think it's the only thing that can get things going if they're not naturally going on their own. Good luck girl!! You do look adorable!

  5. When I read the comment that the woman at the store gave you, I totally got choked up. And when I got to your picture at the bottom I thought the same thing. Hoping for delivery to come to you soon and, until then, you really do look amazing. ♥


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