Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Distracted 1 am thoughts.

I'm sitting at my computer desk right now, mindlessly blog stalking because I'm exhausted and can't sleep. The classic 40 week insomnia, you know the kind. I can't believe that today is officially my due date and I haven't had this baby yet!! I guess I spent so much time worrying about her coming early, I didn't mentally prepare enough for her coming late! Believe you me after 6 days of consistent contractions and 1 false alarm hospital trip...I'm so ready to meet this girl. It's like, give me all the pain I can take- I just want to cuddle the sweet newborn that 9 months gestation owes me! 

but I digress. I'm here writing a blog post because I had to document the sweetest mama heart-melting experience we had with my Clara girl the other night. It's one I don't want to forget. About a week ago Clara started crying in her sleep. This isn't too uncommon but it was one of those desperate cries I couldn't ignore, I could tell she was scared. Both Steve and I (in different areas of the house at the time) ran to her room. I scooped her up from her bed and realized she was crying for "______!_____!" (the name we've been calling this baby) she lifted up my shirt, kissed my belly and rubbed it gently (all with her eyes closed) then promptly turned around and dived back in her bed. I just stayed there on my knees looking at Steve in a little bit of a shock for a moment. It was so sad and so sweet. 

I'm not so naive to think this baby won't be a big adjustment for Clara, but I can't help but be anxious to see her as a big sister. She's such a little mommy taking care of her dolls all day and talking about the new baby, I have a feeling she's going to do great. I love you my sweet Clara baby. 


  1. What a sweet moment with little Clara. Everyone would tell me to enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy, but I was soooo bad at it. JUST GET THIS BABY OUT! was basically my motto. Crossing my fingers for you Jess!

  2. Clara reminds me so much of my Lily girl - chubs and all! Lily was the sweetest little nurturing mama from day one and when I had noah, she was no different! Always right there, totally in-tune with what he needed, and always "helpful" (like be careful not to leave the room for too long or she'll be carrying him around on her two-year-old hip. They have grown up to be the best of friends. I hope the same for your little girls! Now get that baby girl here already!


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