Monday, February 09, 2015

Birth Announcement Outtakes

So I've been totally procrastinating the birth announcements... Winnie had a bad go with the infant acne and then we both up and got a cold!! What?? I have left the house a total of two times each only to go to the pediatrician and am a washing hands and sanitizer nazi with visitors and my baby still comes down with something?? Let it be known I am angry at the universe. ANYWAY, yesterday I put on my big girl pants (despite the colds) and whipped out my camera to just get it done! I had to share some of my favorite outtakes, I'm so in love with her! Her hair looks so red to me in these photos and really, it is pretty auburn in real life too! It's crazy because neither Steve or I have any blood relatives we know of with red hair. What are the odds? We'll see if it stays strawberry or not, but if it does it seems we hit the genetic lottery! I always wanted to be a red head but producing a red headed child is really the next best thing...

^^a smile!^^


  1. She is THE most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I wanna hold her.

  2. Cutest little smile, ever! My husband has auburn hair. I totally thought I'd have a red-headed child before I'd ever have a child with curly hair!!! You never know. :)

  3. Oh she is just too precious! I can definitely see a little auburn in that hair too. Can't wait to snuggle that sweet girl in person ... wish it could be sooner!


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