Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Littlest Valentines

Happy Valentine's week from me and my littlest valentines! Steve and I are having an early Valentine's at home tonight. It has been a crazy exhausting week for us, our poor little Winnie bug got diagnosed with rsv and it's been a blur of saline spray, nose sucking and steamy showers. I feel so awful for her. To top it off Clara has come down with a cold in the last day or two! It's probably the same bug but luckily the doctor said it shouldn't be too serious for Clara. I'm just grateful we haven't needed to go to the hospital. Newborns should not be allowed to get sick! I seriously had to hold back the tears in the doctor's office when they told me she had rsv, I hate to think what a bucket the hospital would turn me into! Clara didn't get her first bug until after I stopped nursing her so I was so not prepared to see my tiny baby sick. 
Luckily there's light at the end of the tunnel, Winnie is doing much better and this weekend we're heading to my parent's house on the coast for a much needed change of air. Steve surprised us today with 3 dozen red roses (a dozen for each of his girls) and tonight we're looking forward to a relaxing evening cooking dinner together and maybe watching a little Downton Abbey after the girls go to bed. I'm looking forward to putting this week behind us, but not without a little Valentine's celebrating first. 
I hope you're all happy and healthy and making room for lots of Valentine's chocolate!

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