Tuesday, February 17, 2015

one month young!!

Our little miss Winnie Mae was one month on Thursday! I can't believe how fast time has flown.

At one month Winnie....

-does a 6-9 hour stretch between feedings at night! She's seriously an amazing sleeper! I feel so lucky. Two for two!

-is almost 11 pounds- little chunker! She was weighing in at 10 lbs 3 oz at her dr appt on Friday and when we weighed her at home last night she was coming in at 11 lbs... so I'm guessing she's somewhere in between!

-gives the sweetest little smiles and even chuckles in her sleep.

-is so mellow. She's the sweetest little angel, she really hasn't cried for more than five minutes at a time in her entire life. She's incredibly easy to pacify. As I've said before, we have produced the veritable unicorn pegasus of babies.

-loves to be held (especially on your chest) and really loves tummy time. She's got a strong little neck and holds herself up so well- it's crazy!

-really only likes the binky when she's hungry or wants to fall asleep.

-loves being in her sollybaby.

-makes the sweetest coo every time she yawns.

-has managed to recover from her rsv without a hospital stay :( I'm so glad that nightmare is over!

Winnie is such a sweet, calm spirit. We feel so blessed to have her with us and can't imagine life without her! You are so incredibly loved Winnie girl, I hope you always know that.


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