Wednesday, February 18, 2015

President's Weekend at the Beach

We decided to hop in the car to spend the weekend recovering in some fresh salty air at the beach cottage. I'm so glad we did. Also, upon returning home from a romantic walk on the beach Steve and I decided to call it "the beach cottage" because I don't think many other structures can warrant the name so fully. It's very cute. Moving on. 

Things of note: 

-the tiny little hot dog on four legs in photo #16 is Watson enjoying some fetch at sunset. 
-Yes, photo 16 out of 18, sometimes I'm completely terrible at editing down the photo dump. 
-Clara's lips while eating her tangerine, I die. 
-Jay and Brooke love posing for photos for me. 
-Tay's cute 5 month baby bump. 
-Steve managed to avoid jumping in front of the camera, but he was in fact there.

Happy 4 day work week friends!


  1. What a cute family and a fun mini-vacation! Mini-vacations are what makes my world go round.

  2. Oh my gosh her lips in that picture. And her little legs squeezed together to keep her cutie from falling.
    I'm obsessed. Also that picture of Brooke and Jay is gold. Pure gold.

  3. Those baby rolls are amazing!


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