Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Last of January

Since I don't do insta anymore and a newborn in the house somehow brings back a renaissance of the iphone photos in force I figured I must share some of the gems on the blog! So here we have the rest of January- the month completely flew by! Isn't it usually supposed to drag? Maybe I should have a baby every January ;)

Winnie Mae with her two fabulous Grandmothers! My girls are seriously so lucky.

Clara's bed got made. It's a miracle! 

This outfit was her own creation. No pants, a puffer jacket and a swim cap. I'm so proud! 

Those eyes! I die.

Grandma Marcum and her granddaughters. 

My sollybaby saves me again. I'm seriously obsessed. Hug your baby 24/7 and have your hands free to get things done? It doesn't get much better. 

lips lips

sugar bug

we're obsessed

how did she fit in my belly literally 3 weeks ago?

lots of book reading going on over here. Breastfeeding is the perfect excuse to sit down and dig into a good one. I recommend this and it's two sequels. 

this moment brought to me by Caroline McKell. I love you Leeny.

chocolate banana pancakes with an emphasis on chocolate. Clara helped pour the chips in the batter, obviously.

Clara: "Mom, I need the cow hat."

Game day nachos! Our lingering Boston pride made for a very good game! Go Pats!

Painting on her very own canvas was a hit. Also, she can get out of the straps in her high chair. Heaven help us all.

sister sister. 

I love our little life. 


  1. oh gracious, what sweet photos!! newborn life is the sweetest!!

  2. Very sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I haven't checked blogs in ages and I assumed you stopped updating yours since you're not on IG anymore- I can't believe I missed your baby's birth! A belated congrats on adorable Winnie! You guys look amazing, hope everything is going well with your two girls! Xo

  4. Love these beautiful photos! Makes me so excited for my first baby!!

  5. I am 16 weeks pregnant and I find out tomorrow what the gender is!!
    Anyways I am hosting my first sponsered giveaway on my blog! I am working with the film Living on A Dollar which is currently on Netflix! Go watch it! It's a beautiful film about Guatemala! That's where I was born!
    Andrea Snow

  6. So glad you posted these! Wish I could comment on each and every one ;) And that little hat of Winnie's ... I'm dying. I need to meet that girl!


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