Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Clara's Room

I finally finished the yarn wrapped letters for this little bean's room so I thought I'd share before it changes too much! A lot of love and DIY projects went into making this space and I love the way it turned out! Most of all I love that it's a place that can inspire imaginations and adventures. Lots of toys and books and a little dash of whimsy. Childhood is the best.

As a side note, and in the spirit of full disclosure...the bed is hardly ever made, the books from the bottom two shelves (the ones she can reach) are mostly always spread all over the place and those shelves under the window seat hide all of her toys that are usually strung all over the floor like a tornado went straight through the place. Just being real, you know :) Life isn't always this pretty but that's what makes it all the more fun right?

for the sake of remembering the DIY's included....

-the curtain tent
-the duvet cover
-5 of the pillows
-the yarn letters
-the lamp shade
-the watercolor of Watson
-and the curtain rod


  1. Love it all! You have such a way with mixing patterns and colors!

  2. I really love this so much. Inspiring indeed!!


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