Friday, March 13, 2015

Fake Instagram Friday!

typical 11am at the Marcum house. We're all still in jammies and Bitty Baby is tagging along to do everything Winnie does.

typical post-partum outfit for me! Loose flowy top, one of two pairs of jeans that fit and booties! The day I have full access to my closet again will be very happy indeed.

car seat cheeks!!!

after I got Clara dressed for the day she took off her shirt, brought me this one and said "this shirt's better Mommy, is like a princess." ok miss Thang. So that's what we wore.

Clara's really into "reading" books on her own now. Sometimes she's just about memorized the books and it seems like she is reading them. Or like this time she just narrates the pictures like she sees them. It's really cute.

my littlest love.

Our alone time after Clara goes to bed.

Clara is obsessed with this almost too small hat of hers and when she puts it on herself she tends to look like a unicorn.

coloring on post-its in Daddy's office.

oh the chest. I'm addicted! I can't get enough!

my little buddy tagging along for Saturday chores.

Daddy reading Clara "Winnie's books" aka non-board books.

I love that mischievous grin.

napping on Mommy.

my girls!

a treat from Cody at the office!

the day Clara insisted on wearing ALL her bows. She's starting to get some serious fashion opinions and I kind of love it. 

Happy Weekend!!

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