Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fake Instagram Friday

Fake instagram Friday....on Saturday because our internet was on the fritz yesterday!

This week has been a crazy fog of potty training! Barely keeping my head above water. I think Tuesday was the worst but we are seeing little glimmers of progress so you know. I'll take all your newborns if you potty train my children. Please and thank you :)

wearing panties and pointing at the flower she wanted

pure joy. We love spring!

The things that happen while I'm nursing...she looks so old here! *tear

I cut my hair!!! I love it. Also, I took this safely in my parking spot at the hairdresser to show Steve. So I wasn't endangering any innocent pedestrians with my narcissism or anything ;)

Winnie enjoying her mobile.

the first pair of big girl underwear!

Winnie looking cute in her horse shirt from Auntie Kasee!

Our house from last Saturday all lit up with candles.

poor Winnie...

Our pizza Friday last week! We all snuggled up to Big Hero 6 and ate homemade pizza in the living room and it was kind of perfect.

the flower pot on my bedside table. It makes me happy.

oh the cheeks!!! So delicious! 

This is her "I'm a bored teenager" face.

my parents cat who is basically a lap dog with no social boundaries. We love him.

her fashion choices, I'm telling you.

finger sucker.

does it get any more perfect?

trying to keep her close by corralling her in our living room chair. There has been lots of movie watching. Clara is so sick of me hovering over her she's taken to sneaking off and hiding from me any chance she gets.

a newly bathed baby! 

said baby napping on me so that she doesn't wake her big sister up. Napping has been a bit of a struggle while potty training...sheeesh!

happy weekend folks!


  1. Yay! Love these updates. Glad you survived the first week of potty training. I hear ya, it's rough! Even when they seem to be getting it, it's such a 24/7 time commitment to monitor where they are at all times. I'm kinda delaying with Paisley 'cause I'm not ready! Oh that little Winnie. I need to cuddle her. Miss you guys!

  2. PS loving your haircut! Is there a style/color you can't pull off?

  3. Love your hair!!!!!!! Super cute!


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