Wednesday, March 04, 2015

mommy daughter date

(running out the door in the rain)

Before little miss Winnie Mae came along we had many a mommy daughter date. Our whole lives were pretty much a date. The grocery store, bath time, pulling weeds in the yard...the world was our date! Now that one on one Clara-Mommy time is a little harder to come by I thought it would be appropriate to have a proper date, just me and her. I could tell she was missing her mommy time so what better excuse to take her to her first movie! Another product of Winnie's arrival has been a significant increase in the practicing of movie watching (at some point we're going to have to detox...) so I thought she might be able to handle it. Either way, we'd sit on the aisle and I could just expect to take her out at any given point. We went to see Paddington and she did fantastic! We had popcorn and licorice and mini crackles(? I think)  and she sat through the entire movie in awe of the huge "tv". We left on her insistence as the credits rolled to get a drink of water and that was the whole of her complaining. We had so much fun! Now every time we drive past the theatre she asks "Go to movie? Go see Paddyton?". As an added bonus I loved the movie just as much as Clara...maybe a little more! I had some serious outfit envy (Mrs. Brown!!!), the mom plays Anne Elliot in my favorite adaptation of my favorite Jane Austen book (BBC, Persuasion) and it had the perfect mix of English tradition and whimsy that I am so fond of (I'm a complete anglophile and I'm not afraid to admit it). So moral of the story is, I love mommy daughter dates and I loved Paddington. Take your two year old to see it, or even just yourself...I won't judge! Here's to many more dates in our future!

a super high quality iphone photo of the diva after the movie. I asked her to smile and she gave me a leg pop. I love this girl!

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