Monday, March 09, 2015

Motherhood Right Now.

Caroline came over last week and snapped some photos of me and my girls. This is such a special time. The newborn time. The melt in your chest, snuggled up in a bubble newborn time. I'm so glad to have been able to capture the feeling of it all. These photos are treasures to me! I'm really good at taking a million photos of my girls but it's hard to get some quality ones of me with them so I'm grateful for a friend who fairly insisted on doing this for me. A true friend. And even though it took me the whole of two hours to go through my closet and find something that fit this beautiful but still kind of awkward post partum body these photos made me feel pretty. And as silly as it sounds, you can't underestimate the power of feeling pretty now and again. I love being these two girl's mommy.

as a sentimental side note...(who would I be without a sentimental side note?) Winnie's little red crocheted slippers were made for me as a baby by my Grandma Paloma who passed away when I was in college. It's kind of fun to have a little bit of two of her Great Grandma's in these photos (along with the quilt my Grandma Linda helped me make for her). 

Happy Monday 


  1. These pictures are priceless! You and your girls are beautiful:)

  2. You are gorgeous (awkward post partum body or not!) and these pictures are treasures. Especially the baby smooching, can't help but laughing ones. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. - Caroline is a fantastic photographer!

  3. So precious! What treasures these fotos are of your best treasures!


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