Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tummy Time!

Yesterday I found these photos that I took of Winnie's first tummy time and my heart skipped a beat. I only took them a couple weeks ago and she has already changed so much! I couldn't believe it. It seems that time flies by so much faster the second time around! It is so wonderful and terrible at the same time. I don't want to trade the 9 hours and 45 minutes that she slept last night but what I wouldn't give for a few more months of the newborn smell (she hasn't lost that yet, thank goodness)! I can really see how some women have ten children- I'll be so sad when the newborn stage of life is done.
P.S. I've never known a baby who loved tummy time as much as this girl! Her neck is so strong, it seemed like she could lift it forever. I eventually turned her over myself because I thought she had to be tired. This girl.

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