Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3 months

Our little miss Winne Mae, Winners, sugar muffin, baby boo boo is three months old! 

At 3 months Winnie...

-has officially found her thumb and is determined to keep it! I tried so hard to get Clara not to suck her fingers but I'm finding myself melting at the cuteness of Winnie sucking hers...we'll see if it sticks. I'm growing soft in old age ;)

-puts herself to sleep and usually sleeps between 9 and 11 hours at night!

-is talking talking talking! Her little throaty coos are so sweet, they just slay me! Almost any time you make eye contact with her she lights up with a big smile and starts telling you all about it. It makes my heart happy.

-loves her big sister and continues to be unfazed by any rough housing or crazy/loud antics that her and Watson get into while in her presence. I suppose this is the lot of younger child.

-loves her cloud mobile over her bed and playing in her forest play mat

-still loves to lay on my chest (subsequently, the solly baby is still our favorite baby essential)  but also loves to look out and see what's going on when you hold her. Her neck is sooo strong (has been from birth really), she is almost at the point where I can carry her on my hip- the important milestones people!

sometimes it makes me sad to read things I wrote about life with Clara like "Our favorite thing is to sit down and prop her up on my knees in front of me. We'll just talk to each other for at least twenty minutes at a time!" and realize that I don't have the sort of down time this go around to spend 20 minutes staring at Winnie. And after I put Clara down at night I'm so tired I don't have the stamina to read the whole of Anne of Green Gables or Mary Poppins out loud to her (that's a real thing, I really did that with Clara). But the cliche is a cliche for a reason, your heart really does grow with two. I love these girls both so much my heart might burst and even if Winnie doesn't get as many stories read to her or as much one on one time with mommy.... I know she's happy and feels loved. Not only by her parents this time but by the sweetest big sister too, who gives her copious amounts of kisses and "nice pats" and runs to give her her binky or her favorite toys to play with when she's sad. My heart is a little achy with how fast these three months have flown but I'm grateful for this growing family and all the laughing and loving that fills our home.

and just for kicks and giggles...Clara at 3 months


  1. I absolutely love her name!


  2. She's such a little angel and I love her.


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