Friday, April 24, 2015

Fake Instagram Friday

part of the banner I painted for my sister's baby shower! 

Clara at the zoo!

I can never get enough photos of my babies sleeping

the silhouettes in the hallway that I made of the girls

we're officially in the bumbo and she's happy about it.

never stop snuggling me Winnie girl!

she fell asleep holding my arm and I just about lost it.

my little sister baby sat for us the other night and sent me this photo. "Wide Eyed Winnie"!!!

at breakfast with Brooke!

thumb sucker!!!!

this. is. the. best.

still her favorite blanket. "I live for furs daaarling!!!"

I'm on a watercolor kick lately!

Clara playing with the flower crown I made yesterday

a particularly photogenic pile of old tires on the ranch.

the motherland.

Clara's preferred mode of shopping with Mom. Honestly, whatever keeps her happy and not eating through the plastic cheese wrap is fine with me. Yes, that did really happen.

Winnie, you make that tile look so good.

Clara's favorite pastime of late is digging for worms. Especially when Daddy helps.

and then one more because my child is cute and poses for photos.

Happy weekend!!!!

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  1. Loving all the crafting going on over there!! The watercolors and paper flower crown ... swoon. Wish we lived closer and could craft together! Also, that little Winnie is just the cutest thing ever. Can't wait to meet her in a couple months!


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