Thursday, April 09, 2015



Winnie smiles up at me on the second side of nursing and wants to chat. Those gurgling coos are so sweet my heart might just break with hearing them.

Clara starts to describe things like "no Mom not fox, foggs! Like ribbit ribbit!" Oh FROGS. duh.

She is also obsessed with spiders? Aka any type of bug. Also digging for worms. All things that are gross, please and thank you for Clara.

Winnie continues to get plump everywhere but her legs. I mean, there are rolls but they are skinny! lol! She's got her momma's genes, that one.

I need my honey lemon tea in the mornings. It's my new addicting morning ritual. Like yesterday we ran out of lemons and I had a mild anxiety attack.

We've been obsessed with beet salads. I want one everyday.
chilled roasted beets+arugula+quinoa+pine nuts+feta+whole grain mustard vinaigrette

I'm getting really good at discreetly breastfeeding in public. A useful talent to have when one wants 5 children, I think.

Clara loves to play with Steve out in the garage. Aka the man cave. She's becoming quite the Daddy's girl and gets SO excited when he comes home.

Watson gets fat. no really! He's getting supper tubby! It's cute and fluffy and hilarious. He gets more exercise here than he ever did in Boston (too cold. I'm a horrible dog owner) so I can only conclude that his age is catching up to him in the way it does for all corgis, that is, around the midsection. The only question is....will he get sweeter with weight or only more taciturn? I'll keep you updated.

I love this little life of mine!

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