Monday, April 27, 2015

Tay's Baby Shower

I threw my sister a baby shower on Saturday and it turned out so well! Lots of love and elbow grease went into this and I'm so happy my baby sister was able to feel loved and supported while she prepares for her sweet baby girl! I just love her and was glad to be able to do this.

Although I did watercolor her "baby girl" banner until 3 am one morning my real effort went into the gold strawberry cake! I'm no baker and I made it from scratch and was pretty good, not gonna lie. *pats myself on the back. Also, I am officially a convert to edible gold glitter. Sparkly lips and all (maybe especially?!). My Aunt Michelle and Katie did all the flowers because they are wizards and my mom was the genius mastermind behind the outfit clothesline and all the little details. Not to mention letting us destroy her house in the process ;)  Thanks to everyone who came and helped and ate cake and loved on my sister with us, it was a blast! 

^^also also, the real deal floral crown!! She made it look so good.^^


  1. Cannot get over that stunning cake & your beautiful watercolor banner! Also, may I just say, hooray for real flowers!

  2. Superb party!! This baby shower cake is looking so amazing. My sister in law also hosted an outdoor baby shower party last week. She reserved best party places Miami for this party. I really can’t wait to meet her baby!!


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