Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The Marcums Visit

A few snippets from when the Marcums were here to visit! The rest are on my phone which really sucks considering it took an unfortunate swim in the toilet on Friday. Such is the price you pay for a ten minute shower with a two year old in the house. AH!!! The emotions I had upon seeing her emerge from the toilet with my phone and a wet shirt...I can't even tell you. Anyway. Besides the photos and videos that are all lost because I hadn't backed up recently (FOOL!!!) it's been surprisingly peaceful to not have a functioning means of contact for the last five ish days. I tried to convince Steve to just let me get a flip phone 2004 style but he objected. Group texts! Google maps! Subway times! Pah. I caved- but it was a good idea for the moment. Anyway, where was I? The Marcums! They came! We ate fun meals on the patio! The Seattle teenagers sunbathed in the backyard! We antiqued! We got ice cream! The dogs bickered over who was allowed to rub whose ears! Clara played in the dirt! It was FUN. Love love love this Marcum family of ours. Winnie's bedroom and our air mattress/extremely comfortable couch are forever open to you!


  1. oh i so relate to getting sick of being run by your iphone! i love mine so much but gosh, it's a lot! an old fashioned flip phone sounds fabulous sometimes. oh, 2015!

  2. Thanks for a GREAT visit! We enjoyed every minute of it.๐Ÿ˜€ (so sorry about your phone๐Ÿ˜ž)


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