Thursday, April 02, 2015

Winnie's Blessing

We blessed Winnie on a beautiful, sunny (and really quite warm) Palm Sunday morning. She was surrounded, kissed and passed between a plethora of family and close friends. Her handsome daddy gave her the sweetest blessing and as he stood up there holding our girl my thoughts couldn't help but wander to another warm Palm Sunday 6 years before. Following a procession from the Mount of Olives into the Old City through Lions Gate, waving palm fronds, singing Hosanna and followed by the same handsome man who held the sweet girl in front of me. How fitting, it seemed. How sweet it was to see my perfect baby girl, dressed in white, the picture of innocence and think of my Savior and this Holy week. To think of His entrance into the city, for once regarded as the king He was, preparing to die and rise again for our sins. I'm so grateful for Him and I'm grateful for the beautiful day we were able to spend, celebrating this new little spirit in our family.


We came home and ate ridiculous amounts of lemon bars, cream cheese brownies, Trader Joes macarons and various cheeses. Could anything better? As I watched so many people we love filter in and out of the open doors to our backyard my heart was so full. I felt an overwhelming gratitude and peace for the life I've been given and what I can do with it. We love you so much Winnie girl. Thanks for being ours.      


  1. Oh my goodness! Everything looked picture perfect, from Winnie's dress to the desserts and flowers. You look gorgeous as always. I so wish we could have been there :( One of these days can we please get together.... it has been too long!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! Winnie is just darling! And I'm loving your hair!


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