Wednesday, May 13, 2015

4 months


at four months Winnie...

-sleeps 10-12 hours a night. Don't hate us too much!

-laughs and coos all day long. It's too cute!

-still falls asleep in her sollybaby occasionally which is just the best. 

-grabs things! She loves grabbing hanging toys or my hair and gets so proud of herself when she does.

-loves her big sister. She's fascinated with her.

-continues to have the most expressive eyes. Her whole face lights up when she smiles!

-is getting the yummiest little rolls, although not as many as her sister!! I was really worried about my milk supply because she just wasn't packing it on like Clara did....we found out at her 4 month appointment that she's still in the 75 percentile for weight and the 70th for height! lol it's just hard to come after the girl who was in the 50th for height and above the 99th for weight! check this out. CHUNKER!

-can put her binky in and out of her mouth. It's so cute watching her brows draw in as she concentrates to do it. 

-is hitting the distracted phase for nursing. I have to order Clara out of the nursery often and live in fear of anybody walking into the nursing lounge at church! A social creature, this one.

We love our little Winnie so much. She continues to be the perfect little addition to our family. We're so glad you're ours sweet girl!


  1. Those expressive eyes are the BEST THING. And that last picture of Clara holding her hand absolutely melts me!

  2. Also comparing 4 month pictures makes me realize 1. how much lighter her hair is than Clara's! and 2. how much different these two babies look. Something about our genes make the first and second sister different creatures, I think.


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