Friday, May 01, 2015

Fake Instagram Friday

I was legitimately convinced that it was Thursday this morning until about noon so....that's about the state of things right now. 

Winnie just doin' her thing, fallin' asleep on Daddy, being in general very cute and lovable.


Despite the fact that the photo on the right looks like an attempted strangling... Clara is quite taken with this little peanut. There were many an enthusiastic hug to be had at our play date on Tuesday.

an inventive mind. Here we have caught on camera with the impressive zoom capabilities of the iphone, one two year old whom, upon realizing the cookies were set to cool exactly out of her reach, went and found a stool and a spoon with which to reach them.

mommy and little chubbers.

Clara's new favorite spot to hang out which she has affectionately named "Quara's place", not to be confused with "Watson's place" in the corner. obviously

and last but not least, here we have  not the first but the SECOND fruits of the foray into Mommy's make up drawer within one nursing period. It was pretty impressive eyebrow sculpting for a two year old, I must admit.

A merry and happy weekend to you and you and you.

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  1. Oh the stool with a spoon to reach the cookies!!! {Cue laughing with tears emoji}


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