Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

In the parking lot of Home Goods last week I was busy wrangling a screaming toddler into her car seat. and when I say wrangling I really mean it. She coming up briefly in between violent bouts of the "dying swan"  to attempt hitting me and shrieking for "Nana" and the candy in the checkout aisle that I wouldn't get for her. All the while my 4 month old infant is strapped in her car seat in the cart on the side walk, crying to be nursed (though, not so violently). Clara had literally been falling asleep sitting up in the cart at the store while I frantically tried to get everything done before coming home for nap time. I was trying to hold it together but I will say that I was two steps beyond frazzled. Equal parts mom-guilt, worry over my baby being 6 ft away from me with my back turned and frustration with my two year old's behavior. As this spectacle was taking place a woman pulled her suv right up next to us and got out of her car. I fully expected raised eyebrows if not advice on how to better parent my children. Instead I got a smile and a "two year olds are rough, you'll get through it. You're doing a great job!" I successfully strapped both children in their seats and pulled away with grateful tears in my eyes. 

I was reminded of this sweet lady and my heart was smiling, thinking about the goodness of women. We all have such an incredible capacity to uplift, love and give comfort whether as a mother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, or as I've seen, a complete stranger....the world is a more beautiful place because of the women in it and I'm glad to be one.

My Mother's Day weekend was filled with not one or two but three bouquets of flowers from my love!! A girls night on Friday, garlic fries from Jacks on Saturday night, and breakfast (almost in bed) on Sunday. My eggs, toast and sausage were brought to me right as I got up to nurse :) I love being a mother so much I think my heart might burst. It's been my personal heaven having this family of mine these past 5 1/2 years. I'm grateful not only for my girls but for a husband who appreciates and gives due respect to the long days and short years that are the life of a mother. 

I'm grateful for all the wonderful examples of mother's in my life, not in the least my own mother. I love this day, I love being a woman, I love being a mother. 

^^painting a mother's day card for her Nana^^

^^no editing here...those eyes!!^^


  1. That mother's day card is really swell. Good pictures of a great familia!:)

  2. What a sweet stranger that was! And I love all these thoughts on womanhood and motherhood. You capture it perfectly :)

  3. You seriously look stunning in these pictures!


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