Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Mr. Graham Collins

Last weekend Winnie, Caroline and I drove down to San Diego for mr. Graham's baby blessing!! It was so fun to meet the handsome little mister and to introduce Winnie to everyone as well. This was our last chance to see Erin as a Californian before she left us for Utah so this was especially sweet! In our typical fashion we got there at 11 only to stay up talking until 2:30am with three tired moms who should really be taking advantage of any sleep they can get. Who needs sleep though, am I right??? We made the 7 hour drive back the next afternoon all in one piece so no regrets here! We love you little Graham, you are so lucky to be a Collins!

^^just holding hands...you know.^^

and a special shout out to this ^^ lady who spent 14 hours in a car with me! That is no small feat, especially when done in a less than 48 hour period of time.


  1. I love long car rides with you! I could've talked your ear off for another 14 hours if you let me ;) And those pictures of Graham are all so sweet. Love that blue wall background!

  2. How fun! You're such a good friend. Winnie looks SO much like Clara in the pictures where she's lying on the bed!

    1. I don't often feel like they look much like each other but I thought the same thing about those bed photos!! It must be something about the angle and the cheeks :)


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