Saturday, May 30, 2015


an almost week's worth of outfits (I was at the beach on Saturday and didn't have full length mirror access) because I like outfits and what is this blog for if not to chronicle doesn't make it into many photos these days! So mirror selfies for the win. And yes, Winnie is mostly always on my hip these days. Babies are the cutest accessories. They are also the reason I don't wear necklaces very often anymore. I'll take it.

How's that for a disjointed pointless Saturday blog post?!

Happy Weekend!


  1. You're just the cutest. And I'm loving your hair these days.

  2. Fun outfits. Have you seen the teething necklaces? They are a little bulky, soft with lots of colors. They are so worth wearing around with any outfit. I believe they are by Chewbeads.


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