Monday, June 29, 2015

a little update on lots of things.

not to be confused with a small update on one big thing. you know.

I bought some culottes at the Anthro sale last week. I like them. Steve says they can be added to the articles of clothing that bring out my sassy side. A few other experienced members of the club are my high waisted flares, my cowboy boots and the jumpsuit I bought from H&M when we lived in New York. It's a very exclusive club and I rather like it. Steve does too, except for the high waisted flares. He can never love the high waisted  flares. 

Clara and her daddy went on their second ever daddy-daughter date to see Inside Out. Clara insisted on bringing the rose that daddy picked for her to the theatre, Steve said he cried/teared up several times in the movie and Clara is still talking about the popcorn and candy so I'd say it was a home run in the daddy-daughter date department. 

I made appetizers for dinner the other night which only served to strengthen my conviction that appetizers are always the best. Seriously, why do I not always exclusively order appetizers at restaurants? This remains a mystery. Pictured here are goat cheese bruschetta with stone fruit compote and some sort of delicious proscuitto+tomato+mozzarella+arugula+balsamic reduction combination that we had at a restaurant in San Diego a few years ago.

Winnie is developing strong preferences for certain toys and yon orange squirrel friend is at the top of the list. I'm sure he feels very loved.

The other day I set Winnie on the floor really quick while I ran to put my purse in the car and when I came back in to get her Clara was laying parallel to her on the floor holding her hand and talking to her. I teared up immediately and luckily my camera was handy to snap a shot. She almost immediately sat up but then kept on holding her hand until I came to pick her up. I swear these two sisters are just the best! I'm so proud of what a good big sister Clara is.

somehow this was the only photo I got of Father's Day....lame. But I did make him this card, facilitated Clara making him her own card, made him breakfast in bed (also taking over all children duties for the morning) and rubbed his back all through church, which was a pretty good father's day for him I think! He's not a big gift kind of guy, something I've had to learn through the years. I have to say that as predictable as this sounds, he really is the best father for our girls. Not only do they love him (especially Clara these days) but he is such a huge help to me, always plugging binkies in the middle of the night, changing diapers and becoming the chief officer of Clara's bedtime routine. I couldn't imagine a better partner to navigate parenthood with. I love him so much it makes my heart all achy inside.

and last but not least, another melt me sister scene I walked in on. 

I love this little family of mine!

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