Friday, June 19, 2015

Fake Insta Friday

The fudge sundae Caroline and I got on our girl's night....don't worry we got one each!

little cutie on shipping day.

"we teachers are rather good at magic, you know."

I sniped these from Steve's phone!

this was stolen as well. Afro day!

proof that my baby will still fall asleep in my arms.

me and my happy girl chillin' in the nursing lounge on Sunday.

evidence of Clara's prodigious talent for mischief making.

just taking her doll for a ride.

birthday cards!

the splash pad yesterday morning! She looks so grown up here to me.

unfortunately she bit almost all the way through her lip on an otherwise graceful fall off the bottom step of the play gym the same morning :( I knew she'd be ok when, upon suggesting an ice cream to help cool down her lip and help it feel better, she tried to negotiate for some candy as well "I sink maybe some ice cream AND candy to feel better mommy!". Heaven forbid the day when she can no longer haggle with me for a better deal.

and last but not least...a photo to brighten even the worst day! We love our happy little Winnie.

Happy Weekend!

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