Friday, June 05, 2015

Fake Instagram Friday

about two minutes before this photo was taken Clara swaggered into the nursery with her cowgirl hat on, pushing her Bitty Baby stroller and said "Rollin' like a big shot."

the latest project

Clara face.

post nap snuggles at the beach.

ahhhhh. Could it get any cuter?

taking full advantage of the season.


the best feeling in the world.

"wook at my water mommy!"

I don't really know why I took this photo but something about the bright airiness of the room makes me really happy.

sleeping babies sleeping babies!!

Clara looooves "braiding" Brookie's hair.

hanging out with Uncle Jay.


hanging out with Eleanor. Double fisting quesadillas like it's her job!

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  1. I cannot wait to meet that cute little Winnie! What a cutie! And Clara's hair is getting so long, I love it.


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