Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two and a half

at two and a half Clara...

-loves holding Winnie. At various times during the day she'll just plop right down where she is standing and demand to hold her. It's so cute I hardly ever object.

-talks talks talks.talks.talks. She has been known to talk non-stop on our drives up to my parents house. Literally the full 45 minutes. I love it.

-has quite the imagination and loves to make up stories. They usually include a monster, witch, shark or yucky spider that she convinces you to hide with her from. It's hilarious.

-is obsessed with the lipstick (chapstick) we give her when she poops on the potty and always tries to barter for more than one when she goes. "I go poo poo and get TWO lipsticks!! THREE GUMBALLS!" This never works, but it doesn't seem to stop her trying. 

-continually tries to convince me to take her to school... I'm figuring she picked this up from Daniel Tiger? I'm not really sure. But she asks to go at least three times a day.

-loves to paint and usually does some kind of art project every day after her nap.

-Reads constantly. Either by herself or with me or Steve! We got her a night light and the other night I had to come into her room at least 5x to tell her to get back in bed because she continued going over and reading books quietly beside it. By the time I went to bed at midnight she still wasn't asleep and I'm convinced (due to her grumpy nature the next day) that she stayed up the majority of the night in this fashion. Sometimes it is frightening how much of myself I see in her! Heaven help us all.

-is starting to really be a daddy's girl. She loves when he comes home to play! Without fail every day she asks me if we can "Go to munch (lunch) with Daddy."

-loves rollie pollies and constantly tries to smuggle them inside the house to "put them to bed" or "give them a bath".

-refers to herself in the third person about 75% of the time. 

Clara Rose you are such a fun, adventurous, clever little girl. You're everything I could've ever hoped for! I'm so proud of the girl you're becoming and what a sweet big sister you have been to Winnie. Thanks for choosing us little Ro Ro!


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