Monday, July 20, 2015

6 months

at six months Winnie....

is really eying the big people food. She's officially tried cucumber, sweet potato, butternut squash and nectarine. I'm trying to do no "baby food" and just mash up whatever vegetable we happen to be having that night...we'll see how it goes!

gives the best hugs and kisses! Her hugs though...she'll put her arms around you and rest her crab apple cheek on your shoulder and it's every kind of melt me heaven! Clara was pretty cuddly but Winnie takes it to a whole new level! I love our snuggle bear!

is obsessed with hair. no really. way more than I remember Clara being. It's like some kind of comfort to her. She'll even grab her own little wispy hair if she can't get a hold of mine while nursing. Luckily Clara's usually pretty patient with her about it because she grabs her sister's every chance she gets! It's pretty impossible to keep Clara's pigtails in decent shape these days.

is 16.7 lbs, not quite the chunker her sister was but is still so squishy and soft. I could mug on her all day long. I pretty much do.

has the most eluding hair color. Somedays I think it's blonde. Somedays it's for sure strawberry. and somedays I'm fairly certain I produced another brunette. Only time will tell I suppose!

is so smiley. She really has a smile for everyone, everywhere we go! Her eyes and her whole face light up when she smiles, it's absolutely irresistible. I dare you to be grumpy after receiving a Winnie smile. Not possible.

has been really tough to nurse. I love nursing but she gets so distracted by the teeniest things. Literally, Steve will walk by the door to her room while we're nursing and she'll latch off and give him the stink eye. Nursing in public is pretty much non-existent. Even if I can find a dressing room or something the noise frustrates her and she gets so's rough. A labor of love folks, a labor of love!

is still so sweet and mellow but has started to voice some pretty strong opinions about things! For instance, the car seat. She doesn't protest the whole ride, but every time you strap her in she lets you know she remembers the last time and she's not too happy to be there again. Steve and I have decided that we just produce really cute, really feisty babies... and we're ok with it.

loves to sit in her Bumbo...and poop in it. It's her preferred pooping location. 

Has made noises that sound like "momma" "dada" and "hiiiiii". no associations, obviously. but she's pretty vocal! I could listen to her happy coos all day long. Clara always gets excited and says "she's talkin' to me!!"

we love our little Winnie Mae to the moon and back. 


  1. Ahh those sitting up pictures are to die for! And her hugs really are the best. Love her.

  2. Ahh those sitting up pictures are to die for! And her hugs really are the best. Love her.


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