Friday, July 10, 2015

fake insta friday

yummy yummy yummyyummyyummy!

Clara fell asleep for the entire 2 1/2 hr drive from the coast! It was amazing.

Winnie is very interested in her feet these days.

Taylor Ann and Rory Ann

Hudson and Winnie cheering on their dads at the softball game!

face timing with baby cousin at the beach

sweet pork tacos with all the fixings! Call my crazy but I love kraut on my tacos...yum!

the addition of my prized vintage frame has made our room seem so much more complete. It has also motivated me to get my booty going on the painting to go in it!! Something just seems so intimidating and final about a canvas (vs paper) though...I'm working on it.

I cannot get enough of these cute sisters!! ah!

Winnie looking cool in her mini Reeboks and me making my crazy face!

Clara looking heartbreakingly grown up.

the progress of said painting...

Winnie showing off her good angle. 


  1. I love your bed room decor!!! Impeccable taste

  2. You are seriously so amazingly talented. I need a painting lesson pretty please :) Also, that frame is amazing!!!! Love your fake Instagram Friday's. Those girls of yours are too cute.

  3. I find myself super into contrasts lately so I'm basically swooning over the painting thus far :)

  4. soo cute, all of these!! and oh i love all those squishy baby leg shots!!


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