Tuesday, July 21, 2015

fake instas from the beach

here's our fake insta Tuesday from our week at the beach! I took my real camera out a total of three times so my phone was pretty much the main documenter of the festivities. 

serious face at breakfast.

cousins in their Sunday best.

passed out on the way to Oakland.

It's hard to say, but this may be the prettiest temple, in my opinion.

every time we've talked about Jesus since then Clara has responded "Jesus talks to us in the temple." melt my heart!

families are forever

our little sushi eater! I'm so proud :) she ate like three rolls, sashimi on top included!

Clara thought she was pretty cool with her popcorn bucket and 3D glasses. I did too. The minions movie was a hit!

she kills me.

her first taste of real food! Butternut squash puree from Cafe Sparrow

and a lemon too! The lemon sucking faces are the best.

Tay wrapped up with sweet baby Rory at Anthro!

this girl is seriously obsessed with babies.

my dad got her headphones and let her listen to music on his phone. It was hilarious- she was so into it!

we did lots of naps on the go.

the thing you should know about Winnie is, her eyes truly sparkle.

I mean, seriously!!

two cute mermaids at the aquarium!

me and the little man cub. aka my baby brother (he's 20).

oh and yes, my mom fro'd my hair for me!

getting treats for Inside Out at the cutest old fashioned theatre in Santa Cruz.

me waiting for everyone in the lounge area at the theatre.

my beach baby!

Brooke, this is what you get for leaving a million of these on my phone! Kisses!! love you!

walking with Daddy in Capitola looking way too grown up!

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  1. Little mommi with her popcorn is killing me!😍 and baby mommi was sitting up so big and pretty on that table! They are amazing


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