Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Golden Moments

Last night was a golden moment. One of those where everything just seems so right for no particular reason at all. I was holding Winnie in the arm chair, freshly diapered in clean pajamas. Her eyes were trained on her sister, running around the room for probably the 80th time (seriously) circuit style, only pausing briefly at the fireplace to yell "ready, set, go!!" or grab a sip of water from her cup on the coffee table, laughing hysterically and shaking her hair in her self-perpetuated breeze. Steve was playing his guitar opposite me on the love seat making up songs, the subjects of, dictated by Clara. In that moment my eyes sort of misted over and I thought despite the inevitable challenges and disappointments of life there could never have been a happier set of people.


  1. Beautiful thoughts. I love your sweet family :)

  2. So sweet. I love those moments!


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