Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Afternoon Naptime Thoughts

putting my girls in matching outfits has been more exciting than I could've imagined. and believe me, I imagined. AH the cuteness!
(Shout out to Nana for providing this particular Sunday's cute fest)

my sister in law gets home from her mission SO soon and I'm beyond thrilled about it. We will be pontificating the virtues of Persuasion vs. Pride and Prejudice in two weeks!!! I can't wait.

I read this during our week at the coast and I can't stop thinking about it. So. incredibly. inspiring. Thank you Caroline for letting me borrow it! I've already ordered my own copy so I can dog ear and highlight the heck out of it.

Clara is totally into goofy smiles for photos these days. I shouldn't be surprised- it runs three generations deep on the Marcum side. (Thank you Steve and Kevin ;)

Winnie has been crying a lot in the night lately (what happened to my perfect angel sleeper?!) and my pediatrician said she thinks she is just having nightmares so I shouldn't go in her room at all. Poor baby! but it's literally impossible for me to sleep through it- I'm completely on edge! I have to put headphones on top of earplugs and read a book with my phone timer on 10 minute increments. It's pretty pathetic. Luckily Steve goes on sleeping straight through it. Crazy momma bear hormones right here. I'm praying for a full night's rest soon! bleh!

Happy Monday to you and yours! 

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  1. Yay for The Hiding Place! I'm so glad you read it and loved it. It's a keeper for sure :) P.S. Let's hang out.


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