Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our Champion Swimmer

Clara's last day of swim lessons was naturally I took a bazillion photos. She did such a good job- I was one proud mommy! I swear every lesson I had a perma crazy person smile, clapping my hands and giving her a thumbs up every time she emerged. It was great! She loved her teacher and literally ran to her every time she called her to get in the water. I have nothing but good things to say about Jan Thomas! I got to get in today and learn how to keep teaching her when we go swimming which, I loved. I think Clara's favorite part was jumping off the diving board- there was lots of arm waving and fan fare followed by a "jump" (step off) into the pool. She's the best! I'm so proud of our big swimmer! 


  1. I totally love Maddy Cleveland! So fun that she was Clara's teacher!

  2. She is so sweet holding up her little ribbon 💙

  3. Those are such cute pics! And the ribbon!! T hasn't had a single lesson (not a real option in Nyc) so we are trying to get her signed up ASAP! She would freak out to go in wo floaters let alone jump off the board! Way to go Clara!


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