Tuesday, August 18, 2015

7 months

at 7 months Winnie...

is drooling! as evidenced in the photos below. I can't tell if she is teething or not as her mouth doesn't seem to be bothering her...we'll see! I'm all for waiting as long as she needs to cut that first tooth!

loves her sister! Clara is to Winnie as Watson was to Clara. She's fascinated.

is really digging her solid foods! Her favorites are peaches, cucumbers and bell peppers.

has the biggest, brightest eyes! She gets so many comments about them. Mostly because as soon as someone makes eye contact with her she flashes the biggest grin and literally lights her whole face up! I call her my little self esteem booster. 

is also so mellow and easy to soothe. I also call her bad birth control. No, I'm not pregnant...but if you don't want a baby I wouldn't recommend holding her ;)

really doesn't like it if you a.) eat in front of her without giving her something to munch on as well or b.) take away a "toy" (this qualifies for anything she happens to grab on to). it's hilarious.

is still enamored with hair. Long locks beware.

is looking more and more like a blondie but is developing her momma's dark eyelashes anyway.

is a champ at sitting up and has officially graduated from the puj tub to the laundry room sink for baths! I love it!

we love you sweet Winnie girl! We're glad you're ours forever.


  1. The last picture is my fav!

  2. Seriously, she is so stinking pretty. Don't go around the marcum house in general if you're baby hungry. As evidenced by jay and I, Clara is also bad birth control!! 😂

  3. This is Chelsea, I may have just commented under my husband's account, and I still am. But she seems like a precious little doll! That last picture, so cute. All of them, so cute!

  4. ahhh she is SOOO cute!!! those eyes! gosh she is gorgeous!!


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