Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bloomington Lake

The second day at Bear Lake (the first was rainy) we hiked up to Bloomington Lake to enjoy the rope swing and generally revel in nature. Judging by the amount of pictures in this post...I was definitely reveling. Unfortunately, I did not get to experience the rope swing first hand as Winnie was constantly threatening to fall asleep in the wrap and I reaallly wanted her to get that morning nap (as it happens, she did not fall asleep until we started walking home...babies). I did however find much enjoyment in watching others plunge into the freezing lake! Oh the fun! Also, we saw a moose and her calf on the way up, which was something. NAAAATTTTUUUURRRREEE. 

^^I can't even say how much I love this picture^^

^^Steve's backflip^^


  1. The flowers & that little wink? I die!

  2. Those pictures. So great. And that one of Steven and Clara!!! Must be framed. Missing you guys a ton but hopefully we'll see you soon ;)


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