Friday, August 21, 2015

Fake insta Friday

better late than never right?

Winnie lookin' really cute in her jammies hanging out before bed on daddy's knee.

I never take photos of my food anymore...I used to all the time! I promise I still cook :) This is a new salad creation I'm obsessed with and even though the iphone photo quality doesn't do it justice I'm glad Steve had me document! It should not be forgotten! it's a slightly warm baby kale salad with caramelized shallots, honey balsamic dressing, roasted gorgonzola pears and homemade garlic croutons. yummy.

my good angle. j/k I'm not sure how this got on my phone...clara? 

just a few girls in their jammies. I love mornings with these two! Clara loves climbing on my lap after I nurse Winnie and saying "TWO GIRLS!!!!"

I won some fabulous 80's button candy during a lively round of 7/11 at a friend's birthday party this week and got to introduce Clara to the joy of fake earrings you can eat. Oh the memories! She was totally into it :)

"take a picture of me mommy!" I'll always oblige.

toe touch!

she's starting to ride in the grocery cart now and she loves to lean back and curl into a little ball like this! So cute! I want to eat her.

wide eyed Winnie! Mornings with babies are the best. I think it's God's way of helping you still like being a mom after keeping you up half the night :) I swear she's got to be teething! I'm dying here! 

Clara was super annoyed that Nana wasn't answering.

just two sisters hanging out. nbd.

our first trip to the dentist was a roaring success! She was so proud of herself for joining the "no cavity club".

the other night I came out of the room from nursing Winnie and found Clara laying on her back looking up at the lights in our backyard. So cute. Childhood magic at its best!

falling asleep on the couch after swim lessons a couple weeks ago!

close up- those lips!

Dierks fist bumping my brother Zane in the chest at the concert last night!

I hadn't been to a concert since college- it was so fun! Thanks mom for the last minute tickets!

Happy Weekend folks!


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