Friday, August 28, 2015

Fake Insta Friday

Clara looking way too grown up in her backpack, ready to go to Nana's

Winnie and her future boyfriend, Hudson

3 cute babies all born within a month of each other!

Clara gets so excited when Winnie wakes up!

good thing we got a photo of these glasses because they broke today! Oh the joys of children sized accessories. 

I felt very Corinne Bailey Rae with my fro and headphones. 

another of the fro. I can't help myself. #obsessed

Winnie is starting to do the backwards "hi" wave with her hand like her sister did! Too cute.

more cards! It's an addiction.

Thank you for this Andrew! Toddler Steve!! 

me and Eleanor, just hangin' out.

gummy smile!

"dis is a heart, mommy." That face!

I'm not sure what's so hilarious about this photo's hilarious.

anotha!! (say this with a Thor voice)

hey Winnie, you've got something on your face...

Clara's first corn dog!


matching girls for church!

thank you Sprouts. so gorgeous! 

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  1. You would make a fortune (maybe) selling those cute cards on etsy!!


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