Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Favorite Daydream

I spend a lot of time thinking about my future farm. Which I will have...eventually :) It usually happens while I'm lying in bed, in the quiet moments between consciousness and dreams, or sitting on my couch looking out into the backyard (do you have a favorite daydream? I remember doing this with my future wedding when Steve and I were engaged). I like to name my as yet imagined chickens (there will be a Bossy, Ethel, Stella, Fanny, Mabel, and Betsey) and think about the pack of dogs we'll accumulate. There might be another rascal of a corgi or two, they're so stubborn and frustrating, and sometimes the little scoundrel we do have drives me absolutely CRAZY but I just can't quit them. For sure a Bernie,  maybe a Basset Hound because they're funny and fat. I've always had a strange affinity for fat animals. I'm trying to convince Steve that an Irish Wolf Hound is a good idea....he doesn't agree, arguing that they're too ugly but I would say they're so ugly they're cute!! Just tell me I'm right ;) There's a long tree lined lane up to the house with at least two horses running up to greet you. They like carrots and the occasional apple. They've yet to be named, as part of the more noble set of the animal kingdom I don't think you can name them without meeting them first. You take my meaning. Although, in my dreamiest of dreams one of them is a Freesian and one is a dapple grey Andalusian, perhaps the third will be a highland pony or the quarter horse of my youth. Maybe he'll be a blue roan like Frosty, my first love. There will be a snub nosed, fluffy persian cat to make fun of. I don't really care for cats usually, but I love these ones for some reason. You should've heard how loud I laughed when Lucifer fell out of the carriage in the new Cinderella movie, ask Caroline. but I digress. He will live in the house because he's too proud for the barn, but we'll have a few tabbies roaming around outside to keep the mice down. We will not have geese because they are evil, no matter how picturesque and cute, but I'm really gunning for a flemish giant rabbit hopping around the back yard. I hope to have a very large vegetable garden off the kitchen with a wooden fence and an arbor heavy with Wisteria above the gate. There will be flower beds and a flower field for cutting and meandering. Peonies, dinner plate dahlias, lavender and English tea roses growing together in a riot of late summer color. There will, of course, be plenty of children scampering around, terrorizing the chickens and climbing up the fruit trees. I'll keep their names to myself but you can bet I've daydreamed about them as well. I think we'll have a treehouse, stocked with tea cups and old sheets and flashlights. The home will be above all comfortable, and a little eclectic. with a large library and a large kitchen. I imagine a pie will be cooling on the windowsill most weekends. It will be a quiet, happy life, much like ours now. There will be lots of love and laughter and music, just a change of scenery :)

Here's the last time I wrote about the dream. I forgot about Frances...Steve may have vetoed him.


  1. I daydream about my future farm too! Ours is white with a big wrap around porch and hydrangea covering the fences. :)

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  3. This is so very dreamy! You're a great writer!


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