Monday, August 24, 2015

Some Favorite Moments as of Late

Clara cashing in tickets at an arcade with her Daddy and requesting the yo yo (much to his surprise since she's never to our knowledge seen one...) and upon receiving it, putting it straight to her mouth thinking it was a macaron....I've never been so proud.

washing dishes tonight to the sound of Steve playing the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack on our new-to-us piano!!!! eeep.

pulling up to the zoo and hearing Clara in the back seat "We're at the zoo!!! Thank you Mommy!!!!"

going on a date with my honey to one of our favorite restaurants in Fresno, ordering 4 appetizers and the cheese plate, eating slow and talking for hours. it was heaven.

having a picnic for lunch on a blanket it our backyard with Clara, seeing a butterfly the size of my hand and laughing at the squirrels jumping up and down the fence.

Winnie getting ready for bed the last week or so has been all giggles, I want to eat her. 

walking to get frozen yogurt after dinner for family night

Clara admonishing her stuffed animals, "the temple is a holy place"

falling asleep cuddling Winnie in our bed the other morning after I nursed her. We don't co-sleep so any stolen nap like this is extra delicious.

it's so fun to be a family.

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  1. I love this so much. It sums up the beauty of everyday life so much!


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