Wednesday, September 16, 2015

8 months

we're a few days late but here we go!

at 8 months Winnie...

gives the best cheesy, scrunch-nosed, gummy smile you've every seen

starts waving her arms straight out in little circles when she's excited to see someone

also, rolls her wrists in circles when she wants to be picked up, there's a big difference you see.

has strong opinions about things. She really really really hates it when you take things away from her, and makes sure you know. She especially hates it when CLARA takes things away from her....I can see the sister drama already starting to unfold.

contrary to the evidence thus displayed is growing is some pretty thick blonde hair! It still looks straight but Clara's didn't turn curly until about a jury is still out there! It also still looks pretty strawberry in some light, which is super cute.

is saying things that sound like words more and more often. She's constantly babbling "dadda" or "daddy", she'll sometimes say "momma" but less frequently and only when she's upset? The only word she really associates is "baba" which is her word for Clara. She only says it when Clara is in the same room which, as their mother I find incredibly cute. She also seems to say "hi" and "buh bye". I love baby gibberish!

loves playing with books which makes my heart happy. We're breeding some readers in the Marcum household! 

is loving solids and will basically eat whatever we happen to be having each night for dinner. I'm doing a sort of modified "baby-led weaning" and it seems to be working pretty well so far!

is no longer swaddled which is a little sad for me :( the baby burrito is the best! We just started leaving her unswaddled for the last 3 ish weeks though and she seems to prefer it for sleeping. 

has perfected the pinch and point fine motor skills, which are equally cute and painful for all within her reach.

seems keen to crawl but hasn't quite made it there yet! To be honest I'm fine with waiting for a bit...crawling stresses me out, plus the sitting up and playing but not-yet mobile stage is so cute! I love that perfect baby posture.

Is still the most distractible nurser, which is mostly exasperating but I love that it makes me carve out some one on one alone time with just her. 

loves watching/playing/talking to Clara. As long as she doesn't try to micromanage her toys ;)

continues to be such a sweet, squishy little self-esteem booster. Her smile can brighten any day. We love you sweet Winnie, thanks for being ours.


  1. oh gosh she is so so sweet!! love those big eyes!!!

  2. I love her!! And she looks so cute in the outfit! :)

  3. I love her!! And she looks so cute in the outfit! :)


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