Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Big Sur Half Marathon

Steve and I ran our half marathon last weekend and....it was a doozy. Let's just say I pictured ocean views and a couple of hills... what we got was one scant mile of flat going, a 3,000 ft climb and a hot dirt road trail :) Luckily I had Steve with me to take off his shirt and yell Rocky quotes for motivation or I may have turned around at the 5 mile marker! lol! But hey we did it and I have a wicked sunburn and a rather hilarious waddle to prove it (I'm sore)!



we took these on our drive back, the course was unfortunately, not this picturesque. The wind felt like it was going to blow me over the cliff and I never seem to remember to take off my hat for photos, but at least it was documented!

P.S. here's the last half marathon we ran! Baby Clara!


  1. You did it!!! That's a serious accomplishment. Way to go!


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