Friday, September 04, 2015

Fake Insta Friday

so we're jumping right into another fake insta friday because last Sunday I was hit with the flu (or norovirus....whatever) from you know where and was pretty much out of commission all week! It was the worst. It hit everyone except Winnie and thank the high heavens for that because sick baby babies make my heart break something fierce! Breast milk antibodies! I don't know if that's a myth or not, but I'm grateful for whatever it was that kept her healthy! We were all completely miserable until about mid morning yesterday and now we all seem to be back to the land of the living. Tired, but back in business. There was a moment around 3 am on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning on the floor in Clara's bathroom holding her hair back and rubbing her back while she was throwing up and I thought, this is what I signed up for. Her mattress dragged into my room, staying up all night, miserably sick, with my miserable sick daughter because I'm her mom and she needs me and she'll always need me. My heart breaking for her hurting, but somehow happy to have the hurt. It sounds pathetic and horrible but it was really a moment of clarity for me, remembering sleeping on my mom's bedroom floor and thinking that I had somehow officially arrived. Anyway, silver linings. Here are some photos of Saturday and yesterday and some that I stole from a long time ago on Steve's camera.


we're related.

sick Clara. We watched a lot of movies.

the aforementioned bed.

my bed looking super delicious after a stolen 15 minute nap. 

her first little bow!

my girls

looking coy

I think day 3 fro is my favorite fro

yep, definitely my fav.

Happy Weekend.

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